"The diversity of people at LAWA makes it fun to work and learn about difference cultures. People at LAWA are like the oil that keeps the engines at the airports running smoothly.
Katherine T. Jones,


LAX is an important part of our cultural and economic health. Working at LAWA means you are part of this important operation. It also means you are working in a dynamic environment that will challenge you to constantly grow and improve.
Peter Hernandez,
Sr. Personnel Analyst I

    We will measure excellence through action, recognition, assistance to others, and mentoring. We will seek to provide superior customer service, workmanship, and quality, and to perform our jobs in a timely fashion. We will communicate by listening and asking questions, having an open mind, and demonstrating respect towards all of our coworkers. We will take pride in our performance as professionals, perform our duties with a positive attitude and do so earnestly, economically, and efficiently. We will act with integrity and courage and be truthful and dependable not only to ourselves but with our colleagues, coworkers, tenants, passengers, and everyone we encounter at LAWA. This is our commitment to ourselves and to LAWA.,

    At LAWA, we believe that excellence in the workplace can only be achieved when every employee reaches for their highest potential. When every employee is performing to the best of their ability, day in and day out, it will greatly benefit the organization as a whole.

All of our employees put their best foot forward in an effort to ensure that we are personifying the values that define our organization.


The six core values that drive employees at LAWA include:


    • Honesty - We support a culture that nurtures truth, sincerity, and openness.

    • Integrity – We uphold our personal conviction to the truth and we fulfill our obligations.

    • Respect & Collaboration - We promote human worth and the dignity of all, and foster partnerships of inclusion and cooperation.

    • Responsibility - We strive for excellence in performing our duties and cultivate a climate of shared accountability.

    • Public trust - As one of our most significant responsibilities, we uphold the principles of open government including transparency in our decision-making, public disclosure and public access.

    • Citizenship – We understand we are part of a larger community from which we benefit and, in turn, are obliged to promote and enhance this necessary collaboration.