Career Paths

    "LAX is a major travel hub which provides its employees both economic and cultural growth opportunities. This rich environment offers many personal and job-related challenges and growth opportunities. As LAWA grows and expands, so do the opportunities to be a part of the growth for employees."

    Linda (Lindi) Willhite,
    Management Assistant/HR Liaison Analyst

    The majority of positions at LAWA are filled through the civil service examination process, which is conducted by the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department. However, some positions are exempt from that process and may be applied to directly. LAWA has the following departments and occupations:

          Building Operation
          nd Maintenance


          Building Trades

          • Air Conditioning Mechanic
          • Building Operating Engineer
          • Custodial Services Attendant
          • Elevator Mechanic
          • Elevator Mechanic Helper
          • Maintenance Laborer
          • Vocational Worker
          • Window Cleaner
          • Building Repairer
          • Carpenter
          • Communications Electrician
          • Electrician
          • Maintenance and Construction Helper
          • Painter
          • Plumber
          • Traffic Painter and Sign Poster

          Craft Helper



          • Electrical Craft Helper
          • Garage Attendant
          • Mechanical Helper
          • Construction Equipment
            Service Worker
          • Equipment Mechanic
          • Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic
          • Locksmith
          • Mechanical Repairer
          • Sign Painter

          Vehicle Operation



          • Bus Operator
          • Equipment Operator
          • Heavy Duty Truck Operator
          • Gardener Caretaker



          Professional, Administrative and Scientific

          • Accounting Clerk
          • Airport Guide
          • Clerk
          • Clerk Typist
          • Clerk Typist Part-time
          • Communications Operator
          • Secretary
          • Storekeeperr
          • Accountant
          • Airport Operations Coordinator
          • Auditor
          • Buyer
          • City Planning Associate
          • Environmental Specialist
          • Financial Analyst
          • Financial Manager
          • Management Assistant/Analyst
          • Senior/Chief Management Analyst
          • Student Professional Worker
          • Student Worker

          Professional Engineer


          Real Estate/Inspection

          • Bus Operator
          • Civil Engineering Associate
          • Communications Engineering Associate
          • Safety Engineering Associate
          • Construction Inspector
          • Real Estate Officer

          Computer Systems



          • Computer Operator
          • Programmer Analyst
          • Systems Analyst
          • Systems Programmerr
          • Airport Safety Officer
          • Security Officer
          • Special Officer

    LAWA also offers a vocational worker program through the construction and maintenance division. Employees in the program work a two-year probationary training period and then have the chance to transition to a regular full-time position within the department.

    The U.S. Transportation Security Administration also employs a number of people at LAWA, including full-time and part-time passenger and baggage security screeners at both Los Angeles International Airport and Ontario International Airport.