"I have learned lifelong skills while working here. Being a part of LAWA has allowed me to develop great interpersoal skills that I will take with me for the future."

- Irina Mironova,
Community Administrative Support Worker

    As an employee of the City of Los Angeles, you will receive a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, and disability insurance; sick leave; paid vacation; deferred compensation options; and a retirement plan. Most employees are paid based on a five-step salary range and may even earn bonuses for working the night shift.

    Aside from the great benefits offered by the City of Los Angeles, LAWA offers a number of additional benefits, including:

      • Employee Recognition Program:
      • Selected employees are honored for their outstanding contributions to the effective operations of the airports.

      • Service Pin Award Program:
      • All LAWA employees who receive their 10, 15, 20, 25+-year City career service pin award enjoy a special awards luncheon and presentation.

      • Perfect Attendance Award Program:
      • Special recognition is given to all LAWA employees that maintain perfect attendance throughout the year.

      • Suggestion Award Program:
      • LAWA employees may offer their suggestions and ideas for department process and procedure improvements. Employees are awarded if their ideas are implemented.

      • Specialized Training Opportunities:
      • Specialized training is offered to employees through career enhancement and skill building courses presented by outside vendors and subject matter specialists.

      • Rideshare Program:
      • With its own fleet of vans, LAWA provides vanpool benefits and carpool incentives to its employees. Bus subsidies also are available. Work site parking is provided free to all employees.

      • Wellness Program:
      • A variety of health fairs and seminars provide employees the opportunity to receive free health evaluations and medical information.

      • Association of Airport Employees (AAE):
      • AAE offers LAWA employees discount tickets to amusement parks, movie theaters, and local events. Activities include an annual employee picnic, a children's Christmas party, fishing trips, and much more.